I studied animation at Sheridan College before working in the film industry in Toronto for several years. Training to become an animator involved many hours of drawing the human figure and I still enjoy drawing from a live model.

In 1991 I moved to the Kingston area with my husband and two young children. I took a clay sculpture workshop at Queen's, and I have been playing with clay ever since.

Most of my clay creations are about the human figure. Each one begins with an observation and sketch, about the way emotion is expressed through physical gesture. To explore an idea I exaggerate gesture and simplify lines in the design. While working with clay, texture is also an important part of the process and I believe the finished sculpture should be touched as well as viewed.

The sculptures are made of stoneware and porcelain. After a form is completely dry, I apply coloured slips and glazes which I make myself to enhance surface texture. Each sculpture is fired at least twice in my kiln. Some forms have attachments of found objects such as metal, glass or bone, which are wired to the surface.